Certificate in Workplace Coaching


Our team of senior and master coaches will work with your managers or team leaders to equip them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to perform effectively as coaches as part of their normal work role.

Our course pricing is per person.

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Components & Qualifications

Certificate Components

  • 3 Teleclasses
  •  5 day training (3 + 2)
  • Coaching Action Plan/updates
  • Group conference call/coaching
  • Skills assessment
  • Case study
  • Reflective journaling
  • 12 logged hours coaching in workplace

Certificate Qualifications

  • NM Workplace Coach Certificate
  • Optional ILM Level 5 Certificate:
  • Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring in Management
No of Hours Likely time for Completion
75 6 weeks

Diploma Components

All of above but to include

  • 100 logged hours coaching in workplace
  • Coaching Action Plan/updates
  • Reflective journaling
  • Supervision

Diploma Qualifications

  • NM Workplace Coach Diploma
  • Optional ILM Level 5 Diploma
  • Diploma for Professional Management Coaches and Mentors
No of Hours Likely time for Completion
180 6 months


You will continue to reap the rewards of an intelligent investment as we also offer you the continued use of our materials and offer worldwide support with our free coaching support groups, webinars, and head office student support.

To the individual:

  • clearer goals and objectives
  • greater self-awareness
  • improved ability to deal with change
  • increased confidence and self-reliance
  • improved ability to work independently
  • greater sense of responsibility, e.g. for own development increased motivation and commitment

To the organisation

As far as the organization is concerned, there are obvious advantages in having motivated employees, committed to achieving clear goals and improving performance. There should be greater productivity and more self – reliance amongst the employees, with less need for regular supervision by management.

This can be particularly helpful in organisations where employees are dispersed over a number of offices or sites and need to be able to work independently and to be self – motivating.

Coaching can be used to complement other training and development initiatives. For example, it can be used to follow up training courses and help people to implement what they have learned. Since much learning which takes place on courses can dissipate as soon as the person gets back to work, using coaching to ensure the transfer of learning can greatly increase the Return on Investment in training.

Further Benefits

Our course is also accredited by the IIC (International institute of Coaching). Courses are assessed for standards, quality and core coaching competencies, and are only accredited when they fulfil this premium criteria.

This means that your organisation can set up an account with the IIC. This will allow the purchase of memberships for employees at a discounted rate and operates as follows:

  • Actively and visibly promote the coaching profession within the workplace
  • Actively and visibly promote the development of coaching skills in the workplace
  • The opportunity to be awarded the international award for coaching excellence


Our team of senior and master coaches will work with your acting managers/leaders to equip them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to perform effectively as coaches as part of their normal work role.

The program brings together the development of essential learning through enquiry and reflection, and blends the professional knowledge with experience and expertise.

Students on the course have the choice of completing it at one of two levels, Certificate or Diploma. ILM Level 7 – Executive & Corporate Coaching:

  • Developing leadership
  • Developing a coaching style of management
  • Accelerating the learning from operational activities
  • Improving communication skills
  • Improving presentation skills
  • Developing delegation
  • Improving negotiation skills
  • Developing the skilled management of conflict
  • Managing stress
  • Working with potential burnout or derailment
  • Mastering time management
  • Building an influencing strategy and influencing skills
  • Career planning

The course is structured in such a way that all students (Certificate and Diploma) complete the core elements of the course which involves study, consolidation exercises, written work, a 3 day attended workshop, teleconference lectures, individual work with a mentor coach, a skills assessment and 20 hours of coaching. Those who wish to attain the Diploma are then required to evidence further 105 hours of coaching.


Our courses have been accredited by the institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) with the Level 7 award being the highest possible level of accreditation they do.

What does this mean for your business?

  1. Professional support, advice and information from the leadership and management experts to
    maximise individual and team performance
  2. Professional recognition for skills and competence through existing managerial qualifications and experience
  3. A comprehensive range of membership services to support their ongoing professional development

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