Executive & Corporate Coach Certificate & Diploma

Get the knowledge, skills and confidence to perform effectively as coaches as part of your normal work role as a practising senior leader or manager.

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Components & Qualifications

Certificate Components

  • Core book
  • 3 Modules and consolidation exercises
  • 4 Teleclasses compulsory (8 optional)
  • 3-day residential
  • Coaching development plan/updates
  • Reflective journaling
  • 4 Mentoring with feedback
  • 2 Supervision
  • Written assignment (1 x 3-3.5K words)
  • 20 logged hours coaching in workplace

Certificate Qualifications

  • NM Corporate Coach Certificate
  • Optional ILM Level 7 Certificate:
  • Certificate in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring
No of Hours Likely time for Completion Max time for completion
130 12 months 18 months

Diploma components

All of above but to include

  • 125 logged hours coaching in workplace
  • Coaching development plan/updates
  • Reflective journaling
  • 1 Supervision

Diploma qualifications

  • NM Corporate Coach Diploma
  • Optional ILM Level 7 Diploma
  • Diploma for Professional Executive Coaches and Leadership Mentors
No of Hours Likely time for Completion Max time for completion
245 18 months 24 months

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Certification & Accreditation

What qualifications will I get?

The course is awarded Noble Manhattan’s own internationally recognised qualification. Dependant on the level completed these are:

  • The Executive and Corporate Coach Certificate – NMC Cert The Executive and Corporate Coach Diploma – NMC Corp

However the course is also accredited by the Institute of Learning and Development (ILM) which means that for each level you can choose (for a small fee) to receive an additional qualification from this very prestigious organisation. Dependant on the level completed these are:

  • ILM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring
  • ILM Level 7 Diploma for Professional Executive Coaches and Leadership Mentors

How long will it take?

It is impossible to say exactly how long it will take as this depends very much on your own level of motivation and spare time. The course is specifically designed to be flexible thus allowing for people’s other commitments, whether that be work, family or other and recognising that sometimes life requires that you put your studies on hold for a few weeks.

However, as a general gauge the Certificate can be completed with 6 – 9 months and the Diploma within 9 – 12 months. Students are given a maximum of 2 years to complete the course.

Next Steps

Can anyone do this course?

Unfortunately not. You need to have knowledge and experience of the business world, although this can be very varied, and the coaching that you carry out as part of your studies is specifically executive coaching so you must be confident in your ability to access appropriate clients (these are not expected to be fee-paying).

What can I do once I’m qualified?

People have various reasons for wishing to attain these qualifications. Some are in a supervisory or management role at work and wish to improve their skill-set to achieve greater results. Coaching is becoming increasingly valued in the corporate market with companies wanting to develop a coaching culture so having a coaching qualification is a great asset on your c.v if you wish to improve your employment status.

However, for many, it is the desire to become professional independent coach working in the corporate arena that attracts them to Noble Manhattan’s courses. Executive and Corporate coaches can demand very attractive fees for providing their services to individuals, teams and companies.

What help is there?

Although Noble Manhattan has students from over 27 countries and is renowned as being one of the top coach training organisations worldwide, it prides itself in its ‘family’ approach to its students. The dedicated team are always willing to help, there is a fabulous online resource centre, study-buddy schemes and Coaching Support Groups. There are also other workshops that are dedicated to Building your Business, a great range of coaching tools and products available and a wonderful network of coaches at all levels of experience.

What do I do now?

You’ve undoubtedly got more questions to ask so have a chat with one of our Course Advisors who are more than happy to help you, without any obligation. Just send an email to info@noblemanhattankenya.com

Our Students Have Been From

What You Get

The course is structured in such a way that all students complete the core elements of the course which involves study, consolidation exercises, written work, a 3 day attended workshop, teleconference lectures, individual work with a mentor coach, a skills assessment and 125 hours client of coaching. Those who wish to attain the Diploma are required to evidence further planning, completion and reflective learning on a further 105 hours of client coaching, assisted by their supervisor coach.

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