In the late 1980s, Sir John Whitmore and his colleagues created the GROW Model as a coaching framework. Today, it is used to explore possibilities and uncover hidden potential in discussions, meetings, and everyday leadership. It has undoubtedly become the world’s most widely used problem-solving, goal-setting, and performance-improvement coaching paradigm.

How does it work?

GROW is an acronym for the four steps in this coaching model which are: Goals, Reality, Options and Will.


We all know that we should set goals that are SMART. That is, Specific, Measurable and Achievable in a Realistic time frame. This model suggests that it is just as important to set a goal which is both inspiring and challenging.


Here, we take a look around the organisation and evaluate where we are against where we want to be. We ask questions like: “What obstacles are holding us back?” and “What changes can we make that would have the greatest impact?”


Next we consider our strengths and the resources at our disposal to come up with ideas and strategies that can be implemented to streamline the company workflow.


Finally, set up structures that will facilitate implementation of the company’s strategy and provide accountability.

Why Should You Use It?

  • It works across all disciplines and cultures.
  • It promotes confidence and self-motivation, leading to increased productivity and personal satisfaction.
  • It fosters greater awareness and responsibility, which leads to actionable steps to achieve goals and overcome obstacles.
  • It has been proven to yield higher productivity, improved communication, better interpersonal relationships and a better quality working environment.

To learn how to implement these and more coaching models in your workplace, book a free consultation call. We’ll help you find the right course for you and your company.

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