What is a limiting belief?

A limiting belief is a thought or opinion that is believed to be the absolute truth and tends to negatively impact a person’s life by preventing them from moving forward and growing personally and professionally.

Where does it come from? 

Limiting beliefs are acquired through negative life experiences and are designed to act as a barrier against possible negative feelings.  

To illustrate the power of limiting beliefs let us refer to the Chained Elephant Theory, a derivative of Jorge Bucay’s story of The Chained Elephant. 

A full grown elephant tied to a small steak will not try to escape even though he could do so quite effortlessly. Why? Well, a newborn elephant is chained to a pole that is strong enough to hold it. 

The small elephant tugs and struggles with all his strength, trying to break free but inevitably fails day after day. 

Eventually,he comes to the conclusion that his strength is not enough nor will it never be enough for him to escape. Hence, when he is full grown he will not challenge the small rope that they now use to tie him down because he has believed in his mind that he is incapable.

How does this affect my organization?

Limiting beliefs can alter a person’s behavior resulting in negative outcomes like procrastination, conformism, overthinking, anxiety, impostor syndrome, and other reactions.

Each of these outcomes pose an immense challenge to the productivity and efficiency of your organization. Naturally, it is in your best interest to eliminate or at least minimize the effects of limiting beliefs in your team and organization.

How do you change limiting beliefs? 

Check our array of accredited online certificate courses to learn how you can effectively change the limiting beliefs at work in your organization.

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