Leadership coaching is not always a one-to-one process. While individual coaching is aimed at unlocking the true potential of an individual, team coaching focuses on discovering the collective intelligence of a group of people who work as a team. It boosts performance levels and helps employees achieve peak performance on a personal level as well as on a group level. It enhances the team’s capability and promotes collective intelligence. For all these reasons, team coaching has become instrumental in work environments in present times.

Given its various benefits, many forward-looking organizations are including team coaching as an employee empowerment tool. A recent study report on coaching reveals that more than 80% of the organizations that used coaching as team empowerment now prefer team coaching.

Let us understand team coaching in detail how it helps an organization to empower its people.

What is team coaching?

In a work environment, a team refers to a group of people working towards a common goal with specific functional roles. They produce results that align with the larger goals of the organization. However, many teams do not reach their full potential or nurture achievements over time. From internal conflicts to lack of collaboration, various reasons prevent a team from achieving long-term excellence. That is where team coaching can make a difference.

In simple words, team coaching helps teams reach their goals and work with their full potential. It is a process in which organizations can create a sustainable and thriving work environment that promotes success and excellence. It aligns the team around a common goal and helps them identify their role with more clarity. Moreover, it helps the team make great choices while taking affirmative action to reach those goals.

Many times people confuse team coaching as group coaching. There are a few subtle differences between team coaching and group coaching. In team coaching, the team is empowered to reach a common goal. On the other hand, group coaching need not focus on achieving common objectives and the participants may have individual performance goals.

How can team coach benefit companies?

Team coaching can create exceptional value for organizations and takes the team to the next level. Listed below are a few of the benefits that organizations can aim for while facilitating team coaching.

  • Targets individual and collective talent

One of the major advantages of team coaching is that it brings benefits to both the individual as well as the organization as a whole. Each member of the team becomes accountable for the team’s results with the team coaching exercise. Regardless of failure or success, each individual is trained to be accountable for the team’s performance. Not only does this help to make highly-engaging teams but also enhances the overall performance. Each person in the team will be able to achieve their goals independently and the team will work towards creating extraordinary results. It helps to build team morale and results in the retention of the best talents for the organization.

  • Creates a supportive and collaborative work environment

According to studies conducted on a group, work can be classified into teamwork and task work. While task work refers to the specific tasks of the individual, teamwork is all about how it can be done together. When the collaboration and communication between the individuals are average, the results will also stay on the medium level. With team coaching, it is possible to create a supportive and collaborative environment. This will enable individuals to make suggestions and challenge assumptions leading to better decisions.

  • Better connectedness between individuals in the team

Team coaching helps to create a better team culture. It promotes a culture where each individual understands and appreciates the unique strengths and capabilities of other members of the team. In other words, each team member understands the value of others in the team. As a result, organizations can expect better performance from the team throughout.

  • Transforming team members to team players

Take the example of coaching a team for any sport. When each member of the team becomes a team player rather than a mere team member, the chances of winning are more. Similarly, team coaching enables individuals to learn, adapt, and evolve together. They can work with better clarity and knowledge while imbibing a shared goal to achieve excellence.

  • Achieve team’s peak performance

Transforming a team to achieve excellence does not happen overnight. That is why team coaching becomes an essential practice for organizations that look forward to improving their team’s performance levels. A team-building exercise is not effective as team coaching as the effect of the former fades away with time. However, team coaching is more or less an on-going process with a set goal and action plan.

The bottom-line

As we know, bringing the right people together at the right time for meeting the organizational goals is not always practical. In other words, high performing teams do not happen by accident. With the right team coaching strategy in place, it is quite possible to build high-performing teams. By involving an expert team coach, organizations can create teams that achieve excellence.

Be it any organization, teamwork leads to more achievements than a group of people working individually. Any organization that acknowledges the power of teamwork will enable the training and development of personnel for effective teamwork. In the current times, organizations face considerable change and have to deal with a lot of uncertainties. It has become a necessity for organizations to motivate and manage teams to navigate through struggling times.

The power and potential of team coaching are getting wide recognition in the business world these days. Regardless of high-performing or low-performing, any team can benefit from team coaching with the help of an expert team coach. It can largely become beneficial for senior executive leadership teams as they are responsible for setting up the vision, strategy, and culture of the organization.

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